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Plainclothes Cops Beat Man on His Own Porch and Were Granted Immunity — Now This Is Happening

Court Rules Against Trump’s Business in Fraud Case Stemming from Sale of Controversial Hotel

Reagan-Appointed Judge Scorches DOJ’s Justification for Denying Funds to Sanctuary Cities

A Presidential ‘Power Grab’: Bipartisan Group of Former Lawmakers Urges Court to Revisit McGahn Case

Senate Dems Investigating Former Federalist Society Leader’s Influence Over Trump Admin’s Judicial Nominees

Officer Gets Immunity After Leaving Developmentally Disabled Man on Side of Road Where He Later Died

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Executive Order Limiting Refugee Resettlements

DOJ Argues Trump Can Profit from Foreign Governments Until Congress Passes a New Law

Trump Flips Eleventh Circuit to Majority Republican-Appointed Court

Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Dismisses The President’s Lawsuit Over New York’s Tax Return Law

Federal Court Blocks Trump’s ‘Conscience Rule,’ Says HHS Acted in ‘Arbitrary and Capricious Manner’

Federal Court Found Mississippi Voting Rule Was Likely Unconstitutional, But Wouldn’t Block It

‘A Crisis of Unprecedented Magnitude’: Chief Judge Warns of ‘Grave Danger’ Posed by Judicial Vacancies

Judge Orders Trump Admin to Produce Ukraine Records, Giuliani’s Communications May Be Exposed

Judge Blocks Trump Admin From Expanding Expedited Deportations of Undocumented Immigrants

Federal Judge Holds Entire US Attorney’s Office in Contempt of Court

Federal Court Allows Strip Search of Female Inmates as Part of Cadet Training Exercise

‘Scalia Would be Proud’: Judge Cites Antonin Scalia in Upholding ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Trump’s New 6th Circuit Judge Doesn’t Look So Bad, But His Road To The Bench Looked Pretty Awful

Federal Judge Sets Hearing Next Week as Hawaii Tries to Block New Trump Travel Ban

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