fake news

Fox News Falls For Fake Brett Kavanaugh Twitter Account (Three Times in a Row)

It Sure Looks Like Trump Broke the Law When He Kicked Out CNN’s Jim Acosta

Reporter Who ‘Independently Confirmed’ CNN‘s Fake Wikileaks Report Has His Stories Previewed By The CIA

Democrat Ted Lieu Repeats CNN‘s Debunked Wikileaks Claim, Deletes Widely-Shared Tweet After Being Called Out

Trump Wants to Pull FCC Licenses from ‘Fake News’ Network…. Except That’s Not Going to Happen

No, Donald Trump Is Not Ending Child Support

Louise Mensch Goes Apoplectic After Being Accused of Falling for Hoax

Turns Out CNN Producer Shown on Video Calling Russia Story ‘Bulls—‘ Also Being Sued for Libel

Reince Priebus: White House Has ‘Looked at’ Changing Libel Laws

Pageant Queen Sues Claiming Conservative Site Stole Her Identity to Peddle ‘Fake News’

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