Edward Snowden

Federal Judge Rules U.S. Government Is Entitled to Profits From Snowden’s Memoir

DOJ Letter About Anonymous Trump Admin Official’s Forthcoming Book Perceived as a Threat

‘Open and Shut Case’: Edward Snowden Seems Pretty Screwed in New DOJ Lawsuit

Why Edward Snowden’s Coming Memoir, Permanent Record, Could Prove Costly

The #Resistance Folds: Unites With Trump And Deep State To Protect Warrantless Surveillance

Trump’s Attacks On The First Amendment Don’t Remotely Compare To Bush’s (Or Obama’s)

Trump Admin Sued for Using Super Secret Snowden-Endorsed Messaging App

It’s Now Clearer Than Ever That Snowden’s No Hero and Deserves No Pardon From Obama

Snowden ‘Not Counting on’ Pardon, Would Feel ‘Vindicated’ by a Russian Exile

President Obama Said He Can’t (Legally) Pardon Edward Snowden — He’s Wrong

Trump’s Pick For CIA Director Thinks Edward Snowden Should Be Executed

WashPo Under Fire For Urging ‘Criminal Prosecution of Its Own Source’

Eric Holder Credits Edward Snowden For Performing ‘Public Service’

Edward Snowden Calls FBI’s Apple Claims ‘Horse****’

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