Donald Smith

Watch: Donald Smith Hearing

Donald Smith Victim Says ‘Cherish Got Justice’ After Defendant Sentenced to Death

Child Rapist and Murderer Donald Smith Gets Death Penalty

Convicted Child Killer’s Son Tries to Save Father from Execution in Perrywinkle Sentencing Hearing

K9 Officer Charlie Wilkie Shows How Investigators Cracked Donald Smith Case (VIDEO)

Jury Finds Donald Smith Guilty After Only 15 Minutes in Abduction, Rape, and Murder of 8-Year-Old Girl

Secret Jail House Recordings Reveal Florida Child Rape Defendant Bragged About Targeting 12-Year-Olds

Medical Examiner Breaks Down While Testifying in Cherish Perrywinkle Murder Trial

WATCH: Cherish Perrywinkle Murder Trial Day 2

‘Shank Him and Put Him Out of Our Misery’: Lawyers Have Trouble Finding Impartial Jurors in Child Murder Trial

Watch: Donald Smith Trial

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