David Boies

Alan Dershowitz Strikes Back Against David Boies, Sues Him for Waging ‘War of Defamation’

David Boies Sues Alan Dershowitz for Saying Sex Abuse Allegations Were Part of Elaborate Extortion Plot

Rose McGowan Is Trying to Take Down Prominent Liberal Attorneys for Representing Harvey Weinstein

Alan Dershowitz Doubles-Down on Attacks of Accuser’s Attorney — Goes Low

Alan Dershowitz Touts His ‘Sexual Probity’ in War of Words with Accuser’s Lawyer

ANALYSIS: David Boies May Have Violated Attorney-Client Privilege to Dish on Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein’s Former Lawyer David Boies Goes into Full Defense Mode Amid Spy Debacle

Gore Lawyer David Boies Implicated in Insane, Ornate Plot to Discredit Weinstein Accusers

What About The Attorneys Who May Have Helped Enable Harvey Weinstein All These Years?

First Trump’s Kids and Now Weinstein: The Manhattan DA Keeps Letting The Rich And Powerful Walk

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