Some Are Suggesting Congress Use Its ‘Inherent Contempt’ Power — Here’s What That Means

Attorney: I Was ‘Unlawfully and Unreasonably’ Arrested for Defending Straight Pride Parade Protester

Federal Judge Holds Entire US Attorney’s Office in Contempt of Court

Exhibit A on Why Don Jr. Just Doesn’t Get How to Keep Himself Out of Legal Trouble

Ex-WH Staffer May Be Held in Contempt After Trump Admin Told Him to Snub House Committee

Bannon Could Face Contempt Sanctions (Maybe Jail) for Refusing to Answer Questions

The Maricopa County Cavalcade of Horrors: Joe Arpaio’s 10 Greatest Hits

Joe Arpaio Says He’d Happily Accept a Pardon from Trump

Law Professor: Congress Could Still Get Past Flynn’s Fifth Amendment Claim Without Granting Immunity

Sheriff Arpaio Claims New ‘Revelations’ in Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Attorney Jailed For Refusing to Remove Black Lives Matter Pin

Sheriff Joe Found in Contempt for Violating Racial Profiling Order

Defense Attorney in Trouble After Cursing Out Prosecutor in Federal Court

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