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Woman On Maternity Leave Sends Memo Alleging Google Discriminated Against Her

Sexual Assault Class Action Lawsuit Could Have Serious Repercussions Across Midwest Universities

United Airlines Hit with Potential Class Action for Surprise Fees

Sheriff Who Allegedly Directed 900 Students to Be Groped is About to Feel Parents’ Wrath

Like ‘Lord of the Flies’: Music Festival Results in $100 Million Fraud Lawsuit

Ivanka Slammed with Class Action Suit For Allegedly Illegally Using Trump Presidency to Promote Brand

Residents of These 15 States Get Milk Refunds as Result of Class Action Lawsuit

Tesla Owner Sues Claiming Sudden Acceleration Caused Him to Drive Into Home

Proposed Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Discrimination Against Black Employees at CNN, TBS

Yes, That Facebook Class Action Lawsuit Check You Got is Real

Lawsuit Alleges ‘Naked’ Juice Not as Healthy as Advertised on Labels

Lawsuit Alleges ‘Smart’ Vibrator Illegally Transmits Intimate User Data Back to Company

Trump Now Facing Possible Class Action Over Campaign Text Messages

Businessman Opts Out of Trump University Class Action: ‘It Worked For Me’

Buyer Beware: Trump Univ. Used Same Slimy Tactics as Candidate Trump Does Today

Trump University Lawsuit Moves Forward, Donald May Have to Testify (Updated)

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