President Trump Sues California Over Law Requiring Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns

Man Faces Murder Charge After Driving Off California Pier with Two Autistic Sons and Wife in Car

Hate Charges Filed Against Man Who Allegedly Sent Greeting Cards Threatening to Kill Minorities

‘Monstrous Crimes’: Retired Federal Corrections Officer Identified as Suspect in Decades-Old Rape Cases

PG&E’s Solution to Preventing Other Wildfires in California: Cut People’s Power for Days

Avenatti Gives Twitter a Send Off as He Prepares to Fight Numerous Criminal Charges

‘I Thought I Was Doing the Right Thing’: Best Buy Security Guard Fired for Tackling Suspect Who Allegedly Hit Cop (VIDEO)

Previously Deported Man Dies in High-Speed Chase After 24-Hour ‘Reign of Terror’ Left One Dead, Others Injured

Judge Dismisses Federal Claim Against Two Sanctuary City Laws

Justice Kennedy: California Isn’t as ‘Forward Thinking’ as It Likes to Believe

Workers Sue After 3 Black Dolls Hung at Construction Site (Video)

Mayor Resigns After Cops Allegedly Find Him in Hotel Room Full of Drugs

Cities Look to Get Around California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Law

Teacher Fired After Rant Calling Military ‘A Bunch of Dumb S—s’ (VIDEO)

‘How Dare You’: Sessions Rips Mayor Who Tipped Off Immigrants Before ICE Raid

Lawsuit Demands Coffee Shops Warn of Cancer Risk

Undocumented Pre-Law College Student Arrested by Border Patrol While Visiting Girlfriend

New Law to Let Beer Makers Give Drinkers a Free Ride Home

DOJ Threatens to ‘Clawback’ Federal Funds from California over Sanctuary State Law

‘Enough’: Women in Politics Issue Letter Calling Out Workplace ‘Harassment and Abuse’

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