Bowe Bergdahl

Trump’s Tweets Could Mean Freedom For Guantánamo Bay Detainees

Navy SEAL: Bergdahl Judge And Defense Attorney Are Traitors

Bergdahl Testifies About His Experience in Taliban Captivity

Wounded Soldier’s Wife Expected to Testify Against Bergdahl

Bergdahl Due Back in Court with Trump Talk Looming Over Case

Trump Comments Concern Judge, Loom over Bergdahl Sentencing

Bergdahl Could Get Life in Prison for Endangering Comrades

Bowe Bergdahl Says Life Is Actually Worse Since Release from Taliban

Bergdahl Guilty Pleas Leave Room for Drama at Sentencing

Bergdahl Expected to Plead Guilty in Desertion Case Monday

Army Sgt. Bergdahl Expected to Plead Guilty to Desertion

Bowe Bergdahl Due in Court for Final Hearing Before Trial

Fair Trial for Bowe Bergdahl ‘Impossible’ Under President Trump, Lawyers Say

Prosecutors Reveal Details About Two Soldiers Injured During Hunt for Bowe Bergdahl

Bergdahl’s Lawyers Want Charges Dropped Over These Comments by John McCain

Attorneys for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Send Trump Letter About His ‘Un-American’ Comments

Donald Trump May Be Forced to Testify in Bowe Bergdahl Case

Serial Is Really, Really Bad This Season

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