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Professional Feminists Will Always Defend Liberals Accused Of Sexual Assault

This Video Of Joe Biden Getting Way Too Close To Young Girls Is Disturbing (WATCH)

Twitter’s Lawyer Admits Hiding Tweets With ‘#DNCLeak’ And ‘#PodestaEmails’ Hashtags

Wait, What? Hillary Clinton Considers Challenging 2016 Election Results

‘Medicare For All’ Co-Sponsors Rake In Campaign Contributions from Insurance, Pharma Companies

Hillary Blames Obama’s Climate Change Rules For Her Campaign’s ‘Biggest Gaffe’

Fraud Investigation into Jane Sanders Is Now in High Gear, Report Says

Sanders Says Fraud Investigation into Wife Won’t Be ‘Distraction’

Trump is Right, DNC Did ‘Collude’ With Clinton — They Basically Admitted It

Bernie Sanders’ Wife Lawyers Up in Face of Fraud Investigation

DNC Lawyer Admits They Weren’t Required to be Impartial Between Clinton, Sanders

After Controversial Sanders Endorsement, Minority Whip Says Dems Must Support Roe v. Wade

James Woods Sued Over Tweet Wrongly Identifying Woman Pictured Giving Nazi Salute at Trump Rally

Trump Education Secretary Pick Sure Doesn’t Seem Willing to Enforce Laws Against Fake Colleges

Money Where Their Mouths Are? Find Out Which Celebrities Actually Donated to Candidates

Maine Elector Plans to Break Law to Vote Against Hillary Clinton

Scare Tactics Used to Spread Wrong Info About Massive Healthcare Bill About To Sail Through Congress

Wikileaks: Clinton ‘Borrowed’ Her Citizens United Debate Answer from Bernie Sanders

DNC Stoops To New Low In Fraud Lawsuit Filed By Bernie Backers

Bernie Sanders Will Introduce Legislation to Close Tax Loopholes Used by Trump

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