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barack obama

Donald Trump is Wrong. Campaign Finance Violations Are Definitely Crimes.

Alex Jones’ Latest Absurd Claim: ‘Obama’s Having Sex with 10 Dudes a Day’ (VIDEO)

Mitch McConnell Blocked Obama Plan to Further Warn of Russian Interference, New Book Says

Participants Barred From Reporting or Discussing Secretive Obama Speech

Did John Brennan Perjure Himself Over Steele Dossier?

Police Investigate Suspicious White Powder at Barack Obama’s Office

Julian Assange Faces Uncertainty, Fights to Dismiss Arrest Warrant, End ‘Arbitrary Detention’

Trump Admin Hid Data Showing New Rule That Would Cost Workers Billions, Report Says

Democrats Are Caving To Trump’s Demand For Border Wall

Trump DHS Official: ‘Societies And Nations For Millennia Have Suffered Greatly’ For Accepting LGBT Citizens

Why Dreamers Should Lose at the U.S. Supreme Court

YouTube Censors U.S. Senate Candidate Chelsea Manning’s First Campaign Commercial

DHS Secretary Nielsen: Trump No Longer Wants A Full Length Border Wall

Trump’s Tweets Could Mean Freedom For Guantánamo Bay Detainees

The #Resistance Folds: Unites With Trump And Deep State To Protect Warrantless Surveillance

Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group Used Donor Funds To Enrich Themselves

CREW Sues Trump’s DOJ Over FBI Text Messages; Wins Just Hours Later

The American Public Reportedly Spent $43 Million Last Year So Trump Could Play Golf

Trump Deported Fewer Mexican Nationals In 2017 Than Obama Did In 2016

Judge Temporarily Blocks New Trump Rules On Birth Control

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