Antifa Activists Beat Down Liberal Protester for Holding American Flag (WATCH)

Man Walking Las Vegas Strip in the Early A.M. May Have Been Victim of High-Heel Assault

Potential School Shooter Thwarted Through Mother’s Call To Police

Cops Investigating Alleged Team Hazing Ritual that Left Teen with Broken Arm (VIDEO)

Comedian Wildly Attacked on Stage by Crazed Fan During Show (VIDEO)

UPS Workers Save Man From Crowbar Attack In California (WATCH)

One Female Cop Took Out Four Terrorists In Spain (VIDEO)

Teens Viciously Attack Man Who Asked Them To Stop Smoking Weed on Train (WATCH)

Community Responds After Attack on 74-Year-Old Rabbi (WATCH)

Mechanic Says He Doesn’t Know Why 8 Men Beat Him Up (WATCH)

Security Guard Allegedly Sucker Punched by Man She Found Almost Passed Out (WATCH)

Cops Let Woman Go But Then Arrest Her After She Apparently Bragged Online About Attacking Pregnant Woman

WATCH: Employees Fight Back to Thwart Attempted Armed Robbery

Woman Allegedly Injured by Attacker Wearing Trump Mask

ISIS Media Claims Minnesota Mall Attacker as ’Soldier of the Islamic State’

Group Chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Charged With Riot for Allegedly Attacking White Targets

VIDEO: Police Shootout with Perpetrator of Nice Attack

Can Man Sue Who Was Misidentified by Police as the Suspect in Dallas Shootings?

VIDEO: Five Alleged Female Shoplifters Beat Up Victoria’s Secret Employee

Man Allegedly Assaults and Tries to Run Over State Senator Before Primary

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