Woman Pulls Gun During Brawl at Chick-fil-A Drive-thru (WATCH)

The Entire City Government of Atlanta is Being Held Hostage by Computer Hackers

Student Evades Muggers by Jumping in Front of Car: ‘It’s Better Than Being Shot’

Atlanta Attorney Indicted on Murder Charge in Wife’s Death

Police: Man Charged in Deadly Shooting on Train in Atlanta

TSA Screener Allegedly Allowed Loaded Handgun Through Security

Police Release Video of Armed Liquor Store Robbery Thwarted When Clerk Shot Suspect to Death

Dramatic Gas Station Shootout With AK-47 Style Weapon Captured on Video

Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested Multiple Times for Impersonating Police Officer

Gladys Knight’s Restaurants Raided By State Revenue Agents

Now Katt Williams Was Arrested for Throwing a Salt Shaker

Man Now Facing Murder Charges After Shooting Alleged Car Thief

Plastic Surgeon Indicted on Murder Charges After ‘Botched’ Fat Transfers

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