Alabama Lawmaker’s Troll Job Bill Requiring Vasectomies Is Clearly Unconstitutional

Teen Arrested For Mass Shooting at Alabama Football Game

‘Meth-Gators’? Tennessee Police Issue Wild Warning About the Dangers of Flushing Drugs

District Attorney Drops Charges Against Alabama Woman Who Lost Fetus After Being Shot

Alabama Law Terminates Parental Rights for Convicted Rapists

SCOTUS Won’t Let Alabama Shroud Its Execution Methods in ‘Secrecy’

Alabama Megachurch With Racist Past Can Now Have Its Own Police Force

Alabama Woman Forced to Allow Child Visitation Rights to Man She Says Raped Her

Alabama Bill Requires Chemical Castration for Convicted Child Molesters to ‘Ensure Public Safety’

Alabama Abortion Law Says Terminating a Fertilized Egg Is Legal in a Lab Setting

Alabama Goes Scorched-Earth Over Same-Sex Marriage, Votes to Eliminate Marriage Licenses and Weddings Altogether

‘Forward, Not Backwards’: Alabama Sued Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Abortion Ban

‘A Coordinated Attack on Roe v. Wade’: Missouri Senate Follows Suit, Passes Restrictive Abortion Bill

Alabama: Abortion Is Worse Than the Holocaust and Other ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Combined

Alabama Seems Hell-Bent on Imposing Christianity on Death Row Inmates

Alabama Just Voted to Give the Unborn More Rights Than Actual Women

‘We’ve Had Problems with Your Kind’: Black Fraternity Suing Restaurant for Alleged Discrimination

Cops Investigating Alleged Team Hazing Ritual that Left Teen with Broken Arm (VIDEO)

Restaurant Investigates After Cops Wrestle Woman to Ground, Exposing Her Breasts (VIDEO)

‘There’s Some Other Way’: Governor Comes Out Against Plan to Arm School Teachers

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