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Florida woman throws tantrum, trashes Family Dollar store when employee refused return without receipt: Surveillance video


Surveillance video captures a Florida woman out of control, throwing a fit at a Family Dollar store after employees wouldn’t accept her return.

LaJada Michelle Hill, 34, was arrested Friday and charged with robbery without a firearm or weapon, according to Lee County Sheriff’s Office online booking records.

“LaJada may not have gotten her money back, but she did get a resort stay at the Marceno Motel,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Julie Martin said in the agency’s Facebook video referring to the lockup overseen by Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

Surveillance video shows Hill walking into a Family Dollar Store and demanding her money back for an item for which she doesn’t have the receipt. When it becomes clear that Hill won’t get her money back, she lunges at the computer screen on the counter and swipes at the glass barrier between herself and Family Dollar employees.

Hill marches out of the store, but moments later, she rushes back inside to continue her tantrum, going around the counter, flinging open a cupboard and throwing around items.

She storms out of the store again, and a Family Dollar employee chases after her this time. Seconds later, Hill returns to the store for a third time, where she begins grabbing items off the checkout counter. When an employee grabs an item off the counter before Hill can reach it, she lunges toward them and then again over the counter.

At this point, Hill is visibly upset as she marches behind the counter again, facing off with an employee blocking her way. Hill then fumbles around the counter, taking a few packs of cigarettes with her before she leaves for the final time.

Sheriff’s deputies tracked Lee down to a nearby gas station, where she was arrested on robbery charges without a firearm.

Her rap sheet includes charges of fraud, burglary, and resisting an officer, officials said. Hill was arrested in 2015 for fraud when she attempted to return allegedly stolen items at a Walmart, Martin said. Her bail was set at $20,000. She has a court date on July 10.

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