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Murder case ‘refused’ against couple who allegedly smothered newborn and threw her away in trash bag

Inga Johansen Carriere and Andrew K. Carriere II

Inga Johansen Carriere and Andrew K. Carriere II (L-R, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office), (C) the grave where the newborn baby girl was buried (via Fox 8 screengrab)

Authorities confirmed that the murder case was “refused” against a couple who allegedly smothered a newborn girl to death and threw her away in a trash bag. The case against Inga and Andrew Carriere were “refused for insufficient evidence,” said Paul Purpura, a public information officer for the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office in Louisiana.

Investigators previously said a farmer in Picayune, Mississippi, discovered the infant’s body inside a garbage bag behind a pizzeria in April 1992.

“The Mississippi State Medical Examiner determined that the cause of death was perinatal asphyxia due to smothering, and the case was classified as a homicide,” state police said in a press release on the arrests of Andrew Carriere and Inga Johansen Carriere.

Both were charged in Louisiana with first-degree murder. Authorities allege that the couple killed the victim in Louisiana and crossed state lines to discard her remains.

“Given the passage of time, the only charges that have not prescribed are first-degree murder and second-degree murder,” the Jefferson Parish D.A.’s Office said in a new statement. “Evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Inga Carriere or Andrew Carriere had specific intent to kill or to inflict great bodily harm upon the infant in April 1992.”

The defendants are separately charged in Mississippi for desecration of a human being.

Inga Carriere is innocent and had believed the child to be stillborn, her defense lawyer Paul Fleming reportedly said.

“They were extradited to MS and have since bonded on our charges,” Chief Joe Quave of the Picayune Police Department in Mississippi told Law&Crime when we reached out for comment about the case in Louisiana.

“The Louisiana State Police (LSP) is committed to investigating crimes that impact the safety and well-being of Louisiana’s citizens,” a Louisiana State Police spokesperson said in a statement when Law&Crime reached out for comment about the criminal cases. “Our unwavering mission is to ensure that justice is served in partnership with the District Attorney’s Office, and we will continue to prioritize the apprehension and prosecution of criminals who threaten the peace and security of our communities.”

Matt Naham contributed to this report.

Note: We added more information about the Mississippi case and Inga Carriere’s defense. We also added a statement that Jefferson Parish D.A.’s Office released on Monday, May 1, 2023.

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