Police: Crazed spitter haunting Brooklyn residents

Kids in Brooklyn need to put on a spit protector. Witnesses are reporting to CBS New York that a man is hocking up big lugies and spitting them in people’s faces — including kids. So far, there have been a dozen incidents in the Prospect Lefferts Brooklyn neighborhood.

One woman even reports she heard the man making the hocking sound.  The spitter is a tall guy in his 20s or 30s, and police want you to call them if you see him.

As far as what he could be charged with — there is a good bet this would qualify as disorderly conduct if he is caught. Interestingly in England, there was a case just this week where a man was charged with spitting in someone’s mouth after they go into a fender-bender.


Rachel Stockman is the Senior Editor for LawNewz.com, a Abrams Media website covering law and crime launching next week.

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