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Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Super PAC Should Probably Stop Supporting Pro-Gun and NRA-Funded Republicans

Here’s Why Police are Getting Away Over and Over Again With Killing Emotionally Disturbed People

Remember Those Voter Cages? Turns Out, That Was Russian Meddling

Mueller Indicted the First American For Directly Helping the Russians…and He Pleaded Guilty

Former Playmate Is Likely Going to Get Sued and Will Probably Lose for Dishing on Trump Affair

WaPo Op-Ed Columnist Megan McArdle Wants Kids to ‘Gang Rush Shooters’

#MeToo Just Got Some Huge Help from State Attorneys General

Guess Who Also Thinks Powerful Men Accused of Misconduct Should Get ‘Due Process’?

Bathroom Bigots Rejoice as Dept. of Ed Refuses to Investigate Transgender Bathroom Complaints

Rachel Brand Just Outmaneuvered President Trump

Hey, GOP, ‘Law Enforcement’ Includes the FBI

ICE: Courthouse Arrests Necessary Because Sanctuary Cities are too Effective

Mississippi Dem Tries to Force School Kids to Recite Ten Commandments

Nelly Rape Accuser Asks Judge To Issue Injunction Against Nelly’s Penis

Justice Thomas Wrote About Thongs, Strippers and Lap Dances and His Opinion Only Gets Better

Michigan State’s Attempt To Weasel Out of Responsibility For Dr. Larry Nassar’s Crimes is Pretty Disgusting

It Sure Looks Like Trump Broke the Law When He Kicked Out CNN’s Jim Acosta

The #Resistance Folds: Unites With Trump And Deep State To Protect Warrantless Surveillance

Trump Lawyer Files Lawsuit Over Steele Dossier, And He Actually Has Good Case

Joe Arpaio Belongs In Prison, Not The U.S. Senate

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