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Alabama Just Voted to Give the Unborn More Rights Than Actual Women

Yes, Dems Won the House; No, Trump Isn’t Going to Be Impeached Now

SCOTUS Asks Trump Admin What It Thinks About Border Patrol Guards Shooting Mexican Children

Synagogue Shooting Suspect’s Social Media Site Complains It’s ‘Under Attack,’ Gets Free Speech Very Wrong

Gorsuch Just Stole Kavanaugh’s Spotlight in Case Over Wilbur Ross Deposition

Hey Non-Trans People, Trump’s New Policies Are Geared Toward Taking Your Rights Away Too

5 Reasons Liberals Are Really Going to Hate Trump’s New DOJ Civil Rights Chief

It Sure Looked Like Kavanaugh Wasn’t Such a Fan of Due Process at Yesterday’s Oral Arguments

Bathroom Bigotry Just Stopped a Transgender Kid From Participating in Active Shooter Drill

Kanye Just Tweeted That We Should Undo the 13th Amendment

Reminder: Kavanaugh’s Supporters Don’t Care About Him, They Care About Trump’s Immunity

RED ALERT: Cohen Cooperation with NY Attorney General is Most Dangerous News Yet For Trump Team

An Appellate Court Just Said It’s Okay for Cops to Hide Video Evidence That Would Show Defendants’ Innocence

Please Stop Comparing the Kavanaugh Scandal to Anita Hill

Judge Smacks Down DeVos For Illegal Conduct by Education Department

Trump’s Executive Order on Election Interference Sticks it to Both Obama and Rubio

Let’s Stop With Talking About The 25th Amendment; Trump’s Not Crazy, We Are

Eight Ways Drama Is Bound To Go Down At the Kavanaugh Hearing Today

Hospital Suspends Non-Vaxxer Nurse After She Posts About Witnessing Measles Attack

Don’t Look Now, But Betsy DeVos May Be Planning to Use Federal Funds to Put Guns in Schools

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