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Homeland Security Advisers Abandon Kirstjen Nielsen Over ‘Immoral’ Family Separation Policy

Federal Judge Blasts Trump Admin in Border Policy Battle: Gov’t ‘Does Not Understand the Court’s Orders’

Childrens’ Center Bars Avenatti from Seeing Immigrant Clients, Then Lets Him in After Press Coverage

Trump’s Slow-Walk of Reunification Order May Mean Separated Families Can Sue Individual ICE Agents

Trump Admin is Now Admitting They ‘Might Be’ Detaining and Separating U.S. Citizens

Judge Rains on Trump’s SCOTUS Reality Show With Death Blow to Family Separation

Trump’s Denaturalization Task Force is Targeting a 63-Year-Old Grandmother in Miami

Black Women Call Out White Dems for Not Endorsing Maxine Waters’ Call to Harass Trump Admin Employees

Few Gang Members are Undocumented Immigrants: Report

‘Every Family Is Holy’: Episcopal Cathedral Puts Up Display of Caged Holy Family to Make a Point About ICE

ACLU Calls for Defunding Department of Homeland Security Until Agency Stops ‘Terrorizing Immigrants’

ICE Agent Complains: ‘Even the Cops Don’t Like Us Anymore’

Top ICE Lawyer Sentenced to Four Years in Prison For Stealing Immigrants’ Identities

ICE Agents Seek to Create New Agency

Lawsuit: Immigrant Boy Almost Jumped Out of a Window After Being Separated From His Family

‘This Situation Has Reached a Crisis Level’: Judge Orders Trump Admin to Reunite Separated Families

Even States that Went to Trump in 2016 Are Suing His Administration Over Family Separation Policy

That Time an Obama DOJ Official Said 3-Year-Old Immigrants Could Represent Themselves in Court

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban

‘Enough is Enough’: GOP Congressman Calls For Immigrant Child Detention Center to Be Shut Down

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