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McCabe’s Defamation Claim Against Trump is a Total Loser

Philly Police Commissioner’s Apology to Starbucks Men is a Total Face-Palm Moment

AG Eric Schneiderman’s Clever Plan to Bypass Potential Trump Pardon, So He Could Get Cohen

Eleven Times James Comey Totally ‘Lawyered Out’ During ABC Interview

Why Trump’s Scooter Libby Pardon is All About Trump (Oh, and Mueller)

Trump May Not Be Totally Wrong About Prosecuting Comey

Trump’s New Quota System for Immigration Judges Could Backfire Big Time

It Sure Looks Like Things are About to Go Down Between McCabe and Comey

What’s Going to Happen Now That Stormy Daniels May Have Violated Her NDA?

A Donald Trump Jr.-Aubrey O’Day Affair Could Mean ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Violated Federal Law

Michael Cohen & Stormy Daniels Attorneys Have Epic Clash on CNN, Proving Both are Legally Clueless

Trump Makes Staffers Sign NDAs, Proves Again He Has No Idea How Government Works

There’s No Way In Heck A Court Is Going to Ban CBS From Airing Stormy Interview

Non-Celebrity Sexual Harassment Victim Wins Millions Against Big Company, and No One Seems To Care

Bronx D.A.’s Office Accused of Rampant Sex and Booze Parties – But Are the Allegations True?

Why Evidence that Trump Bullied Sessions Could Fortify Mueller’s Obstruction Case

Please Stop Debating Gun Control and Read This First

Kushner Loses His Security Clearance, and His Attorney’s Response is Patently Ridiculous

Donald Trump is Causing Surge in Law School Applications

Did John Brennan Perjure Himself Over Steele Dossier?

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