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‘He Stole My Body’: Former University Frat President Accused of Sexual Assault Gets No Jail Time

New Lawsuit Seeks to Expose How Giuliani Knew in Advance That Comey Would Reopen Clinton Probe

Top Republican: America ‘Too Great’ to Continue Investigating Trump

Accused Russian Spy Appears Ready to Plead Guilty

Everything We Learned from Robert Mueller’s Telling of Paul Manafort’s ‘Crimes and Lies’

Federal Prosecutors ‘Concluded that President of the United States Committed a Felony’

Does Mueller Have Evidence Trump Lied About 2016 Trump Tower Meeting?

The Special Counsel Reportedly Questioned WH Chief of Staff John Kelly about Trump’s Order to Fire Mueller

Trump AG Pick Once Wrote It’s ‘Essential’ That the President Should Be Able to Fire Anyone

North Carolina Democrat Withdraws Concession as Election Fraud Scandal Intensifies

Alleged Russian Spy’s Lawyer Situation Got Weird All of a Sudden

Judge Nap: Mueller Isn’t on a ‘Fishing Expedition’ and There Are 3 Reasons He’s Not ‘About to Go Home’

Wanted Man Plays Hard to Get with Police on Facebook, Takes Absurd Selfie Before Showing Up for ‘Date’

Sentencing Comes to Screeching Halt When Convicted Murderer Shakes, Foams at the Mouth in Court (VIDEO)

The Immediate Legal Impact of USA Gymnastics Filing for Bankruptcy

Florida Republicans Dragging Feet on Restoring Voting Rights to Convicted Felons

The Under the Radar Effect of Mueller Heavily Redacting Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memo

Robert Mueller Has Filed Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memo (READ IT)

Giuliani Doesn’t Understand How Someone ‘Invaded’ His Tweet with an ‘Anti-President’ Message

Roger Stone Invokes Fifth Amendment to Dodge Congressional Committee’s ‘Fishing Expedition’

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