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Miami Cops Fired for Joking Black Neighborhoods Made Good ‘Shooting Range’

Run-DMC Files $50 Million Trademark Lawsuit Against Amazon and Walmart

Richard Nixon’s Lawyer Accuses Trump of Lying to Cover Up His Own Knowledge Gaps

Clinton Email Case Back On; Court Says More Could Have Been Done to Turn Over Messages

Donald Trump Names His Lawyer as Administration’s Special Negotiator

Justin Bieber Cites Trump in Effort to Keep Deposition Video Under Wraps, Report Says

Alleged Bogus Porn Agent Sued By State for Fraud on Top of Criminal Rape Charges

Maine Governor Says He Won’t Punish Employers Who Ignore New Minimum Wage Hike (For Now)

Lawsuit Alleges Versace Stores Have Secret Codes For Black Customers

Male Indiana University Student Sues School Over Alleged Bias in Rape Case

Woman Sues After Being Mistakenly Flagged as Ineligible to Own Gun

Where to Watch Live Streams of the Electoral College’s 2016 Meetings

Princeton Men’s Swim Team Suspended For Racist and Misogynistic Emails

Emails Show Hulk Hogan’s Lawyers Working Against Gawker Pre-Sex Tape Leak

Robert Durst Told Prosecutors He Was On Meth Throughout ‘The Jinx’

John Podesta: FBI Didn’t Tell Him About Hack Until After Emails Leaked

Loretta Lynch: ‘I Do Regret’ Meeting with Bill Clinton on Plane in June

Judge Rules FL College Was Within its Rights to Fire ‘Sandy Hook Truther’

Muhammad Ali’s FBI File Released After Conservative Group’s Lawsuit

Judge to Rule After Holidays on Whether Bill Cosby’s Other Accusers Can Testify

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