Detectives: Doctors Found Drugs in Butt of 13-Time Convicted Felon Who Shot Himself ‘Through His Testicles’

White House Owes Millions in Unpaid Water Bills, DC Board Spox Says Shutting Water Off Is ‘Interesting Idea’

‘If They Do Not Yield — Kill All Males’: State Rep Defends Christian ‘Manifesto’ as FBI Investigates

Man Arrested For Harassment After Video Shows Unhinged Racist Rant (WATCH)

Hunters in ‘Demented Social Club’ Killed for Thrills, Officials Say

GOP Congressman Would Have Arrested Trump Over ‘Grab ‘Em By The Pussy’ Comments

Police Release Man Who Apparently Attempted To Mow Down Anti-Fascists In Washington State (WATCH)

Pregnant Mother Livid After Being Denied Service Due To Visible Baby Bump

Watch Apparently Homophobic D.C. Officers Make Fun Of Burglary Victim

DC Restaurant Sues Trump, Hotel for Unfair Competition

Trump Supporter Takes His Support For Travel Ban to Court, Lashes Out at Washington AG

Trump Throws Washington Into State of Anxious Uncertainty

Protesters Throw Rocks, Cops Throw Smoke Bombs Following Donald Trump Inauguration

Police Chase Comes to Sudden End After Suspect’s Vehicle Runs Him Over (Video)

Video Appears to Show Parent Punching Out 7-Year-Old Student at School

Conviction Overturned Because Screaming Victim Didn’t Consent to Phone Recording

Washington Mall Shooting Suspect May Have Illegally Voted in Presidential Primary

Lawsuit Fights Low Jury Pay That Hasn’t Changed Since 1959

Police Investigating Viral Twitter Video Showing Black Woman Pinned to Police Car by Cop

Frightening Alleged Robbery of Marijuana Shop Ends Like ‘Dumbest Criminals Video’

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