voting rights

Gerrymandering Trial Could Have Major Impact on 2020 Election in State ‘Closely Divided Politically’

More Than One Million Americans with Felony Convictions Will Now Be Able to Vote in 2020

FL Could Give Voting Rights to 1.5 Million Ex-Felons

Judge Orders Kris Kobach to Take Remedial Legal Classes After Multiple Courtroom Blunders

Supreme Court to Take Up Ohio’s Purges of Inactive Voters

DOJ Will Deploy More Than 500 Election Monitors Across 28 States on Election Day

Despite Court Ruling, Gov. McAuliffe May Restore Felon Voting Rights on Monday

Virginia GOP Files Lawsuit Over Gov. McAuliffe’s Felon Voting Rights Order

Virginia Governor Rejects Calls to Reverse Felon Voting Rights Order

Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights to Over 200,000 Convicted Felons

Many Ex-Felons Voting for the First Time as States Ease Restrictions

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