Voter Suppression

‘It Mandates an Inequality’: Lawsuit Takes Aim at New Texas Law That Limits Early Voting

Georgia Officials Kept Hundreds of Voting Machines Locked in Warehouses on Election Day

‘This Is What We Go Through to Vote’: Concerns of Voter Suppression Raised in Diverse Georgia County

Mayhem in Arizona: Polling Location Shut Down and Shifted Multiple Times After Being Foreclosed

Voting Rights Advocates Allege Voter Suppression Effort Against Asian-Americans in Texas

Voting Rights Groups Call Out Arizona for Rejecting Thousands of Vote-by-Mail Ballots

Federal Judge Hammers Ga. Secretary of State Brian Kemp Over Alleged Voter Disenfranchisement Scheme

Georgia’s Secretary of State Expresses ‘Concern’ That Too Many People Might Be Voting Lawfully

County Commission Leaves Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State Off Ballot

Reports of Widespread Voter Suppression in New York State Democratic Primary

Election Experts Say ‘Voter Suppression’ Laws Didn’t Cause Clinton to Lose

SCOTUS Needs to Correct All Kinds of Crazy in Voter Intimidation Case Against Trump

No, You Can’t Vote By Text Message, and Telling Voters You Can May Be Illegal

Trump Official Reportedly Admits to ‘Voter Suppression.’ Is That Even Legal?

Clinton Campaign Unveils Spanish Hotline For Potentially Disenfranchised Voters

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