Federal Judges Association Caused Even More Confusion with Email Denying ‘Emergency’ Meeting About Trump

Trump Wants Whistleblower’s Lawyer Sued ‘Maybe for Treason,’ Which Definitely Isn’t a Thing

Confused by Nancy Pelosi’s Announcement? Here’s How Impeachment Actually Works

Legal Experts Respond to ‘Sordid’ Trump-Ukraine News: If You Won’t Impeach Now, When?

‘No One Is Above the Law’: Legal Experts Respond to Trump Claim That No One Can Criminally Investigate Him

Trump Says He’s Completely Immune from ‘the Criminal Process’ in Lawsuit to Keep Tax Returns Secret

Man Assaults 13-Year-Old For Not Removing Hat During National Anthem

Gerrymandering Trial Could Have Major Impact on 2020 Election in State ‘Closely Divided Politically’

The Main Question People Are Asking After Federal Court Tossed Lawsuit Against Trump

‘I Think We Can’t Exempt Anybody’: ICE Announces Possibility of Deporting Families Ordered to Leave U.S.

Trump DOJ Decries Eleventh-Hour ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in Attempt to Save Census Citizenship Question

Supreme Court Sides with Hospitals, Overturns Obama-Era Medicare Rule

Trump Suggests Boycott of AT&T So CNN Will Be ‘Forced’ to Make ‘Big Changes’

$1 Million Donation to Trump’s Inaugural Committee Under Federal Scrutiny

Federal Court Signals That President Trump Will Ultimately Lose Battle Over Border Wall

‘He Is Walled Off’: Kushner Companies’ $800M Federally-Backed Deal Raises Ethical Questions

Justice Department Argues Congress Lacks Authority to Sue the President. Period.

Bank CEO Indicted for Approving Manafort Loans in Exchange for Position in Trump Administration

Trump May Use ‘Obscure Loophole’ to Push Saudi Arms Deal Through, Lawmaker Warns

NY Assembly Passes Bill That Would Allow Congress to Access Trump’s State Tax Returns

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