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Watch Live: Bo Dukes Stands Trial for Allegedly Hiding Body of Tara Grinstead

Watch Live: James Scandirito Jr. Murder Trial

Watch Live: Jason Carter Murder Trial

Watch: Law Enforcement Officials Hold Press Conference After Missing Teen Jayme Closs Found Alive

Watch Live: Rod Rosenstein to Make Live ‘Law Enforcement Announcement’

Timothy Batts Trial Day 1

Watch Live: Broward County Bond Court

David Creato Murder Trial

Watch Live: Brevard County Bond Court

War Machine Attempted Murder Trial

Tai Chan Murder Trial

Steven Jones Murder Trial

Shadivia Phillips Hearing for Viral Brawl

Ray Tensing Murder Trial

Neil Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing

Michael Peterson Hearing

MI v. Kelly Marie Cochran

Lester Jones Trial

Kristopher Torgerson Murder Trial

Kaylee Whitehall

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