Thomas Hardiman

Offical Dem Twitter #Resists Brett Kavanaugh, But Can’t Even Use the Right White Guy Picture

Poor Judge Hardiman Just Got Screwed By Trump… Again

This Poor Dude on Twitter Keeps Getting Confused for Rumored SCOTUS Pick Thomas Hardiman

Ann Coulter Just Accused Possible Trump SCOTUS Pick of Being ‘Subsidized’ by Soros

White House Admits We Were All Duped, Judge Hardiman Never Went to D.C.

Thomas Hardiman Would be Only Supreme Court Justice on Court Not to Go to Yale or Harvard Law

REPORT: Trump Bringing Supreme Court Finalists to D.C. Before Tonight’s Announcement

POLL: Who Should President Donald Trump Nominate for Supreme Court?

Trump’s Judge Sister Recommends Pick for Supreme Court to Younger Bro

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