Florida Man Named ‘Donald’ Allegedly Used MAGA Hat to Steal Purse (VIDEO)

‘It’s Dumb, You Know’: Watch What Happens When Oregon Man Tries ‘Stealing’ Bike in Front of Police Station

Shark Thieves Caught Smuggling Sea Creature in Baby Stroller, Cops Say (VIDEO)

Unhappy with Manicure, Woman Allegedly Leaves Salon Without Paying, Dragging Angry Worker with Her Car

Crooked Cop Caught Stealing Drug Money Due to McDonald’s Receipt

These Female Plant Thieves Were Caught on Video. But What Happened Next Will Make You Smile.

Shirtless Man Blatantly Steals Donut Tray for YouTube Fame, Gets Burglary Charge Instead

‘I Took Off After Him’: Pregnant Woman Runs Down Alleged Purse Thief with SUV (WATCH)

3 Teen Police Volunteers Steal LAPD Cars, Stun Guns

Man Tried, Failed to Break into ATM with Construction Machine, Police Say (WATCH)

Man Allegedly Stole Portland Stabbing Victim’s Wedding Ring and Backpack (VIDEO)

Man Burglarized Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Office Says

Police Say Man Stole Jeep–With Toddler and Grandmother Still Inside

Harvard Law Employees Allegedly Stole Money Meant For Disabled Students to Buy Sex Toys

WATCH: Hit-And-Run Driver Plows Over Gas Station Attendant to Allegedly Avoid Paying $25 Tab

Alanis Morissette Targeted in Home Invasion, $2 Million in Jewelry Gone

Police Release Video of Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Theft

‘Someone Stole My Jersey’: Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady Asks Fans to Help Him Find It

Man Who Faked Cancer, Took $11K in Aid, Charged With Theft

4 Plead Guilty in Theft of Dinosaur Bones From Utah Site

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