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WATCH: Fmr Cop Ray Tensing Testifies in Murder Trial for Shooting Death of Sam DuBose

Comey Says Loretta Lynch Told Him Not to Call Clinton Email Matter an ‘Investigation’

Cosby Says He Doesn’t Expect to Testify at Sex Assault Trial

‘Don’t F*** Move, I Have Gun’: Suspected College Shooter Takes Stand in Self Defense Case (WATCH)

What Patriots’ Bill Belichick Was Supposed To Say During Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial

Lawyer Asking for Flynn Immunity Deal Was Apparently ‘Never Trumper’

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WATCH: Fmr. Porn Star Christy Mack Testifying in War Machine Attempted Murder Trial

Ex-Friend’s Says Durst Admitted Killing Friend

Prosecutor Grills Colleen McKernan After She Sobs Through Story of Shooting Husband

Colleen McKernan Testifies: ‘I Didn’t Want Him to Die, But I Didn’t Want Him to Kill Me’

Officials Give Crime Scene Analysis in Newlywed Murder Trial

Witnesses Describe New Years Eve Drinking, Attempted Drug Use in Newlywed Murder Trial

Conservative Group Judicial Watch Might Have Actually Just Helped Clinton During FBI Interview

Clinton IT Aide Bryan Pagliano Stays Tight-Lipped as Attorneys Clash During His Deposition

Judges Give Officer William Porter Partial Immunity from His Own Testimony

Video of Anita Hill’s Testimony During Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings

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