Alleged ISIS Supporter Planned ‘Violent Terrorist Attack’ After Being Inspired by Pittsburgh Shooting, Feds Say

One Female Cop Took Out Four Terrorists In Spain (VIDEO)

Lawmaker Pushes to Classify White Supremacist Groups as Terrorists

Orlando Terrorist Reportedly Purchased Plane Tickets to Use After Shooting

Feds Admit San Bernardino Terrorist’s Friend Had Connections to 2012 California Terror Cell

FBI Arrests Three People Connected to San Bernardino Terrorist on Conspiracy, Fraud Charges

Lawyer for Suspected Paris Attacks Terrorist: ‘He Has the Intelligence of Empty Ashtray’

Terror Expert: Captured Terrorist Salah Abdeslam Knows Who’s Behind Brussels Attacks

UPDATED: Someone Seriously Dropped the Ball During the San Bernardino Shooting Investigation

FBI Stumped: They Still Can’t Decode San Bernardino Terrorists’ Cellphone

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