Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Slams Donald Trump for Hypocrisy in LGBTQ Policies

Federal Prosecutors: Texas Man Threatened to Rape and Kill Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Sends Legal Threat to Blogger Who Asked Her To Denounce The Alt-Right

DJ Says Taking Taylor Swift to Court was Only Option

Jury Takes Taylor Swift’s Side in Groping Lawsuit

VERDICT WATCH: Jurors Weighing Case over Taylor Swift’s Groping Allegation

Lawyers Set to Make Closing Arguments in Taylor Swift Trial

Taylor Swift Notches First Legal Victory Against DJ Who Allegedly Groped Her

Taylor Swift Testifies Former DJ ‘Attached’ His Hand to Her Bare Butt

Taylor Swift Wants Case to Serve as Example to Other Victims

Photograph is Among the Key Evidence in Taylor Swift Trial

Taylor Swift Will Testify That Fired DJ Groped Her

Taylor Swift: ‘I Remember Being Frantic, Distressed, Feeling Violated’ by Alleged Groper

Taylor Swift Threatened to Press Charges Against Kanye West Over Recorded Phone Call

Taylor Swift Donates $250k to Kesha in Battle to Break Contract With Her Alleged Abuser

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