Steve King

Mom Threatens Lawsuit Over Steve King’s Use of ‘Success Kid’ Meme

Far-Right, White Supremacist Group Identity Evropa Worked the Phones to Keep Steve King in Office

GOP Rep. Responds After ‘White Supremacist’ Comment Appears in New York Times Article

Congressman Asks How the Term ‘White Supremacist’ Became a Bad Thing

Rep. Steve King Makes Joke Implying that Justices Kagan and Sotomayor Are Lovers

Steve King Says DREAMers Should Serve in Peace Corps in Their Birth Country

Guess Who’s Presiding Over Case of the Deported DREAMer? That ‘Mexican’ Judge Trump Attacked

Rep. King Pushes (Likely Unconstitutional) Bill to Prevent Supreme Court from Citing Their Own ObamaCare Decisions

GOP Congressman’s Tweet Suggests Election Hacks Were Actually ‘Insider Leaks’

Congressman Calls For ‘Civil Disobedience’ to Fight Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Guideline

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