Teacher Avoids Jail After Admitting to Drunken Sex With Students

Assisted Living Employees Who Allegedly Made Snapchat Video of Dying Woman Get Major Reality Check

Locals Outraged by Sentences for Arkansas Men Who Heinously Slit Dog’s Throat on Snapchat

Sheriff’s Deputy Resigns After Posting Offensive Picture On Social Media

Two Child Care Employees Taunt and Abuse Eight-Year-Old Autistic Child (VIDEO)

Woman Got Friend Raped, Posted Video to Snapchat, Prosecutors Say

Teen Girls Set Dog on Fire, Post Video to Snapchat, Cops Say

Nursing Home Worker Allegedly Posted Video of Patients Having Sex onto Snapchat

Man Hit With Arson Charge After Posting Fire of Country Club on Snapchat

Police Accused of Raiding Wrong House, Snapchatting Family

Snapchat Wants to Legalize Voting Booth Selfies

Car Crash Victims Sue Snapchat, Say it Encourages Speeding

Teens Post Gang Rape of Girl on Snapchat: Police

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