What to Know About the ‘Faithless Electors’ Case SCOTUS Has Agreed to Resolve

After SCOTUS Denied Her Appeal, Authorities Confirmed Michelle Carter Will Get Out of Prison Early

Democrats File Multiple Petitions Asking SCOTUS to Intervene in Obamacare Fight

SCOTUS to Decide Whether ‘Religious Liberty’ Means Religious Schools Can Fire Teachers Any Time They Want

SCOTUS Confirms It Will Resolve Three Trump Tax Return Disputes Months Before 2020 Election

What to Expect Now That Trump Asked SCOTUS to Hear Appeal in Mazars Tax Return Case

Appeals Court Won’t Block Congressional Subpoenas of Deutsche Bank, Capital One

SCOTUS to Decide Whether Copyright Law Makes It Illegal to Copy Law

What to Know as SCOTUS Hears Gun Rights Case for First Time in 10 Years

Supreme Court Lawyer Predicts Courts Will Move Quickly, ‘Just as They Did with Richard Nixon’

‘A Blow to the Gun Industry’: SCOTUS Won’t Block Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer

Liberal Court-Packing Group’s Call for Brett Kavanaugh to Recuse Himself Was a Hypocritical Publicity Stunt

Judicial Reform Group Demands Kavanaugh Recuse Himself From LGBT Rights Cases After Posing With Anti-LGBT Group

SCOTUS Vacates Ruling That Found Michigan Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

All 53 GOP Senators Sign SCOTUS Letter Accusing Dems of ‘Direct, Immediate Threat’ to Independence of Judiciary

Arizona Files ‘Long Shot’ Supreme Court Lawsuit Alleging Sackler Family ‘Siphoned Billions of Dollars from Purdue’

Legal Expert: SCOTUS Wall Decision Signals Justices May Side With Trump on Merits

Justice Elena Kagan: I Will Never Accept Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Decision

SCOTUS Will Decide DACA’s Fate Just As America Decides Trump’s

‘FUCT’ Wins in Supreme Court as Justices Strike Down Ban on ‘Immoral’ Trademarks

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