Police Investigating Student’s Racist Rant About Lynching Black Men and Cross-Burning

Outrage After High School Students Turn ‘Jingle Bells’ Into KKK-Themed Song (VIDEO)

‘Lynch Them All’: Video Shows White North Carolina Teenagers’ Shockingly Racist Rant

Several Texas High School Students Punished for Repeatedly Chanting N-Word (VIDEO)

‘Trump’s Deporting Your Illegal Cousins Today’: Trump Supporter Verbally Attacks Mother on Her Way to Vote

‘You Don’t Belong Anywhere’: White Woman Berates Biracial Family, Claims She’s the Victim (VIDEO)

White Man Triggered by ‘F*** Trump’ Sign Responds with ‘I’m Gonna Get You, N*****!’ (VIDEO)

GOP Candidate Accused of Anti-Semitism After Posting Image of Jewish Senator in Nazi Regalia

‘You Fat Mexican B*tches!’: White Women Scream at Hispanic Family During Physical Encounter (VIDEO)

Pro-Trump Prosecutor Under Fire After Calling Maxine Waters ‘Loud-Mouthed C*** in the Ghetto’

Campaigning While Black? Oregon State Rep Has Police Called on Her While Canvassing

Twitter Outraged as Ron Paul Tweets, Then Deletes, Comic With Racist, Anti-Semitic Caricatures

Dinesh D’Souza Under Fire After Retweeting Posts With #BurnTheJews and #BringBackSlavery Hashtags

North Carolina GOP Candidate: ‘God is a Racist and a White Supremacist’

White Woman Echoes Trump in Anti-Mexican Rant Against California Construction Worker (WATCH)

Workers Sue After 3 Black Dolls Hung at Construction Site (Video)

Birthplace of the Confederacy Finally Considers Apologizing for Slavery

Man Arrested For Harassment After Video Shows Unhinged Racist Rant (WATCH)

Cop Resigns After Being Recorded Calling Man ‘A Piece of Sh-t N—-r’

Angry Woman Launches Into Anti-Asian Tirade in Front of Couple’s 5-Year-Old Daughter

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