Fort Worth Police Respond After #SwingSetSusan Harasses Hispanic Teens at Park, Pretends to Be a Cop

Nixon’s DOJ Had Proof the Trumps Were ‘Drowning in Evidence’ of Racial Discrimination, New Book Says

FBI May Investigate KKK Recruitment Flyers Discovered at High School in Texas

University of Alabama Dean of Students Who Criticized Police and Systemic Racism in U.S. Is Out of a Job

Murder Conviction Overturned After Juror Used N-Word During Deliberations

Several El Paso Shooting Victims Refuse to Meet With President Trump

NY Times Apparently Thinks There Are Some Good White Supremacists

‘You Will Not Take My Child’: Texas Woman Allegedly Left Baby in Car Outside of a Club, Shouted N-Word at Cop

TSA Agents Suspended for Hanging Stuffed Gorillas with Noose

GOP Senator: ‘I Could Be a Victim of Racism, I Just Don’t Offend Easily’

Hate Charges Filed Against Man Who Allegedly Sent Greeting Cards Threatening to Kill Minorities

Lawsuit: Miss. Election Procedures Are ‘Racist Scheme’ Meant to ‘Dilute’ African American Vote

Lawsuit: Buffalo Wild Wings Allowed Staff to Refuse Service to Black Patrons

‘Pick My Cotton, N*****!’: Fraternity Suspended After Racist Video Goes Viral

‘Because You’re a F****** N*****!’: White Woman’s Racist Tirade Allegedly Ends With Her Spitting at Black Man

Middle School Makes Students Say N-Word in Class, Apologizes After Video Goes Viral

‘We Need N****** Gone’: Alabama Students Caught Spewing Racist Slurs, Anti-Semitic Remarks

‘Get the F*** Out of My Country’: White Woman Erupts at Manager for Speaking Spanish in Mexican Restaurant

University Police Investigating After Black Doll Found Hanging in Freshman Dorm Room

Florida Woman Allegedly Tells Black Cop That KKK Will ‘Be Seeing Him to Burn Crosses’ On His Property

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