Jerry Jones Makes Bizarre Comment About ‘A Black Girl’ (WATCH)

Old White Man Berates And Attacks Young Asian Man While On California Train (WATCH)

‘I’d Like to Be on the Firing Squad’: Fmr Police Chief Compares Black People to ISIS

Cub Scout Kicked Out Of Den After Challenging GOP State Senator’s Racial Comments

White Cheerleaders Investigated After Screaming: ‘F-*k N-**ers’ Over And Over (VIDEO)

Students Stage Walk Out After Teacher Tells Them To ‘Speak American’ (VIDEO)

‘You Are My Slave’; Black Child Ridiculed During Elementary School Civil War Reenactment

Trump Supporter Vandalizes Muslim City Council Candidate’s Billboard

White ‘Lawyer’ Goes Berserk Yelling Racist Obscenities, Gets Thrown Off Subway (WATCH)

Judge Intends To Dismiss Second Suit Against Black Lives Matter

Denny’s Fire Employees Who Allegedly Made Black Customers Pay Before Eating

New York City Cop Files Lawsuit After Black Parking Attendant Called Him A ‘N*gger’

Ex-NFL Quarterback Wanted To Give Angry Fans’ Tickets To Veterans; They Burned Them Instead

Ohio Township Plans To Reinstall Recently Removed Confederate Monument

St. Louis Cops Under Investigation For Alleged Heavy-Handed Protest Response

Police Director Under Fire for Calling Kneeling Athletes ‘Anti-American Degenerates’

Chicago Cops Reprimanded After Taking A Knee In Support of Kaepernick

‘Communism Will Win’: U.S. Army Infantry Officer Posts Message In Support of Kaepernick

University Hosts Dinner for Black Students with Cotton Stalk Centerpieces

Entire Arab-American Family Arrested After Father Tries To Deposit Check

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