R. Kelly

Watch Live: R. Kelly Appears in Court Ahead of Upcoming Trials

R. Kelly Pleads Not Guilty to Bribing Official So He Could Marry Aaliyah

R. Kelly May Have Threatened to Release ‘Embarrassing Photographs’ of Accuser If She Sued: Prosecutors

R. Kelly Attorney Upset Singer’s ‘Lady Friends’ Can’t Both Visit Him in Jail

R. Kelly Due for Court Appearance After Team Gets Video Evidence Against Him

EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly’s Attorney Says Alleged Victims Have ‘Buyer’s Remorse’

6 Key Takeaways from R. Kelly Indictments in New York and Illinois

Watch Live: R. Kelly Returns to Court for Sexual Assault Case

Watch: R. Kelly Returns to Court to Face 11 New Sexual Assault, Abuse Charges

R. Kelly Charged with 11 Additional Counts of Sexual Assault

Watch: R. Kelly Hearing over Whether He Can Perform Overseas

R. Kelly Lawyer Suggests Avenatti ‘Bullied’ Prosecutors into Charging Singer

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Worries Illinois Prosecutors Will Be Extra Tough on Him After Jussie Smollett Case

Hairdresser Who Says R. Kelly Sexually Assaulted Her Speaks Out (WATCH)

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Now Trying to Use Avenatti Arrest to Undermine Sex Tape He Gave Prosecutors

Watch: R. Kelly Hearing in Sex Abuse Case

R. Kelly Reportedly Wants to See Alleged Sex Tapes of Him and Underage Girl

R. Kelly Is Shopping for New Attorney to Replace Steve Greenberg, Says Michael Avenatti

Gloria Allred’s New Client Says He Found Video of R. Kelly Abusing Girls

R. Kelly’s Lawyer on Child Porn Charges Says He’s ‘Guilty as Hell’ and Took ‘Libido-Killing Shots’

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