Judge: Gang Members with Weak Facebook Settings Can’t Whine about Privacy

That Time Mark Zuckerberg Shut Down His Site Due to Insurmountable ‘Privacy Concerns’

The Trump DOJ’s First Big Target Could Be Planned Parenthood

Police Employee Arrested for Videotaping Women in Dispatch Restroom

Emails Show Federal Agents Used License Plate Scanners to Collect Information at Gun Shows

Lawsuit Alleges ‘Smart’ Vibrator Illegally Transmits Intimate User Data Back to Company

Eric Holder Credits Edward Snowden For Performing ‘Public Service’

New ‘Textalyzer’ Device Could Give Cops the Power to Scan Cell Phones Instantly

Privacy Activists Accuse FBI Director of Hypocrisy By Putting a Piece of Tape Over Webcam

Report Identifies Mysterious Third-Party Helping FBI Unlock Terrorist’s iPhone

Even Though Gawker Got Slammed by Hulk, It’s Not a Body Blow to the Media

Erin Andrews Makes First TV Appearance Since Winning $55 Million Lawsuit

Why Giants Player Jason Pierre-Paul Will Lose His Case Against ESPN and Reporter Adam Schefter

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