Ninth Circuit

Senate Confirms Trump Judicial Nominee Lawrence VanDyke to Lifetime Appointment

9th Circuit Upholds No Fly List Criteria, Despite Being Based on Predicting Crimes That May Happen

Nationwide Injunction Against Trump’s Asylum Ban Lifted Again by Ninth Circuit

Federal Court: Cops Accused of Stealing $225,000 From Suspects Are Immune From Lawsuit

Legal Expert: Fellow Court Took Fifth Circuit ‘to the Woodshed’ Over Ruling in Case of Transgender Inmate

This Ninth Circuit Judge Really Hated Game of Thrones Finale

Trump Admin: Conditions for Detained Children Can Be ‘Safe and Sanitary’ Without Soap and Sleep

Trump Wins Significant Border Wall Case in ‘Liberal’ Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Mosque Surveillance Case Stalled For Three Years at Court

Hearings Set for Trump Appeals Court Pick with History of ‘Mortifyingly Insensitive’ Comments

Court Says Gov’t Workers Can’t be Fired Just for Sleeping With Each Other

SCOTUS Gives Hawaii Until Tomorrow To Respond To Trump Admin

Trump Says Travel Ban Ruling Comes at ‘Dangerous Time’

Trump Admin Lawyer Tries and Fails to Distinguish Travel Ban From Japanese Internment Camp Case

WATCH: Ninth Circuit Hears Arguments in Trump Travel Ban Case

President Trump Says He’s Considering Proposal to Break Up ‘Outrageous’ 9th Circuit Court

Homosexuality Haters Ask Supreme Court To Endorse Gay Conversion Therapy

On Trial: Five Signs Even The Ninth Circuit Knows Trump Will Win Travel Ban Fight In End

7 Ways Ninth Circuit Judges Totally Threw Shade at Trump’s Arguments for Travel Ban

Ninth Circuit Rules Trump Travel Ban Remains Blocked

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