New Orleans

Prosecutors Who Used Fake Subpoenas to Coerce Victims to Testify Seek Legal Immunity

Public Defender’s Office Employee Allegedly Practiced Law without a License in More Than 100 Cases

‘This Has to Be Personal’: 4 Key Facts on Gunmen Shooting into New Orleans Crowd

Police Arrest Rookie Cops Who Allegedly Beat Hispanic Veteran

Judge Deems Accused Cop Killer Incompetent for Trial After Spreading Feces on Face in Court

New Orleans Cop Charged With Raping Intoxicated Woman

‘Let’s F–king Go!’: Protesters, Counterprotesters Face Off over Confederate Statues

Judge Denies New Trial for Killer of NFL’s Will Smith

District Attorney Says He’ll Jail Rape Victims to Make Them Testify

Police Admit to Misapplying ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law in Recent Arrest

Cops in New Orleans Charge Man Under New ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law

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