mass shooting

‘A Blow to the Gun Industry’: SCOTUS Won’t Block Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer

Sheriff: Witnesses Refuse to Cooperate With Police in Aftermath of Texas A&M-Commerce Mass Shooting

Trump-Appointed Judge: ‘If We Want to Stop Mass Shootings, We Should Stop Punishing Police Officers’

Latest Texas Mass Shooter Began Murderous Rampage 15 Minutes After Calling FBI Tip Line

Fox News Guest Blames Mass Shootings on Teaching Evolution: ‘We’ve Taught Our Kids They Come About by Chance’

Woman Says She Witnessed First Harrowing Moments of Texas Mass Shooting

Teen Arrested For Mass Shooting at Alabama Football Game

Shooting at Kansas City Hotel Leaves Four Teens Wounded — Here’s What We Know

‘Americans Are Murdered Each Day’: Democrats Lambaste Supreme Court, NRA, Federalist Society in New Amicus Brief

Man Arrested for Online Threats Against Bernie Sanders Rally

Authorities Backpeddle; Now Say No One Was Shot at Baton Rouge Walmart

Dayton Mayor on Trump Visit: ‘He’s Made This Bed and He’s Gotta Lie in it’

NY Times Apparently Thinks There Are Some Good White Supremacists

Cops Take Down Dayton Shooter As He Tries to Follow Crowd into a Bar (WATCH)

Police: Possible Mass Shooting Averted by Walmart Employees

Mexico Says They’re Going to Sue United States over El Paso Shooting

‘A Senseless Violent Act’: Suspect and Victims Identified in Southaven Walmart Shooting

‘I Just Heard Shooting, So I Just Ran’: Two Dead and Two Wounded in Walmart Shooting

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooter Has Been Identified – Here’s What We Know

Police ID 21-Year-Old Gunman Accused of ‘Senselessly Murdering’ at Least 5 at Florida Bank

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