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Legal Experts Scorch Marco Rubio’s Refusal to Subpoena John Bolton: ‘Utterly Wrong and Utterly Ahistorical’

Marco Rubio Makes a Scene: Sara Carter’s Website Posted a ‘Fake Story’ About Me

Republicans, Diplomats Slam Trump’s Syria Decision as ‘Grave Mistake’: ‘A Gift to Russia, Iran, and ISIS’

Rubio Posts Graphic Image of Gaddafi’s Murder in Apparent Threat to Maduro. Twitter Says it Didn’t Violate Their Terms of Service.

Federal Judge Hands Rick Scott Huge Loss While Masterfully Trolling Marco Rubio’s Football Analogy

Rubio Wants DOJ to Investigate Whether John Kerry Broke Federal Law with Iran Meetings

Rubio Pushes Bill to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent

Rubio’s Chief of Staff Fired for ‘Improper Conduct’ and Allegedly Threatening to Withhold Employment Benefits

Rubio Trolls Trump Over DACA With Bible Verse

Top Ten Bombshells From The Comey Testimony

Big Surprise, Marco Rubio is Against Abortion for Zika Patients

Harry Reid Says Marco Rubio Should Be Sued for Missing Senate Votes

With Presidential Fundraising Not Far Behind Him, Rubio Gears Up for Senate Race

Rubio Can’t Keep All of His Delegates Away From Trump

Sorry Donald, Cruz and Rubio Birther Lawsuit Fails in Florida

Rubio and Cruz Should Stop Bragging, Their Tax Disclosures are a ‘Joke’

No Question Mr. Trump, Senator Marco Rubio is Eligible to be President

We Now Know Who’s Behind The Shady NH ‘Voter Shaming’ Mailer

Black Students Allege They Were Racially Profiled at Marco Rubio Event

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