5 Things You Should Know About John Dowd, Trump Lawyer Who Just Resigned

White ‘Lawyer’ Goes Berserk Yelling Racist Obscenities, Gets Thrown Off Subway (WATCH)

American Bar Association Wants to Let Undocumented Immigrants Practice Law

Trump Lawyers Tell Him Not to Tweet About Topic, They Leave, He Tweets About It

Trump Scandals Scare Attorneys from Applying to Government Jobs, Report Says

Cops Try to Bully Uber Driver, Find Out He’s a Lawyer Who Actually Knows His Rights (VIDEO)

Jury Selection Begins in Double Murder Trial Against Lawyer Accused of Killing Millionaire Father

Creepy Video Shows Attorney Attempting to Put Woman Into Trance for Sexual Gratification

Lawyer Sues for Libel Over Negative Three-Word Online Review. PLEASE.

Disbarred Attorney Pleads Guilty to Hypnotizing Clients For Sexual Gratification

Manziel Lawyer sends ‘Heaven Help Us’ Text to Reporter, Immediately Resigns

Hot Cup of Starbucks Coffee Scalds Lawyer; She Sues 2 Years Later

Anti-DUI Attorney Gets Arrested for DUI Because There are No Heroes

Lawyer Threatens to Sue Restaurant Over $2.25 Cup of Soup

American Lawyer Jailed in Mexico, Suspected of Killing Girlfriend

Attorney Accused of Attempted Rape, Uses the ‘Viagra Defense’

Fallen Music Mogul Suge Knight Fires Fourth Lawyer

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