People are Upset About Donald Trump’s ‘Hold the Supreme Court’ Tweet

“You Can’t Represent Him Without Being Complicit”: People Are Begging Respected Lawyer Ted Olson to Reject Trump

Justice Neil Gorsuch Accused of Campaigning for Senator Mitch McConnell

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Distributing Secret Planned Parenthood Recordings is Now a Crime in California

Your Pokémon Go Legal Rights … Don’t Get in Trouble!

String of Crimes Linked to Pokemon Go Phone Game

Lawmakers Call to Impeach Obama Over Bathroom Directive

City Threatens Jail Time For People Using ‘Wrong’ Bathroom

Mississippi Gov. Signs Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Bill into Law

New Law Bans Abortion If Fetus Has Down Syndrome

Sorry California Teens, State Lawmakers Approve Raising Smoking Age to 21

Doctors Prevented From Questioning Patients About Guns Fight Back

Why Ted Cruz’s Voter ‘Shaming’ Mailer May Have Violated the Law

Snowmageddon Air Travelers: Here are Your Legal Rights

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