Police Are Looking for Man Who Allegedly Beat Up Two Women Over a Hotdog (VIDEO)

Lawsuit: LAPD Cops Repeatedly Shared ‘Humiliating’ Nude Pic of Woman Falsely ID’d as Veteran Captain

LAPD Embroiled in Alleged Revenge Porn, Rape and Physical Abuse Scandal

Ex-USC Gynecologist Allegedly Owns Homemade Porn, Nude Photos of Women in Medical Exam Room

LAPD Assistant Chief Abruptly Retires After Sexual Misconduct Claims Surface

Cop Drags Woman Off Train for Having Her Foot on Seat

LAPD Investigating Corey Feldman’s Claim Of Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Veteran LAPD Officer Arrested for Sex with 15-Year-Old Cadet

3 Teen Police Volunteers Steal LAPD Cars, Stun Guns

California Police Union Says New Rule to Curb Police Shootings Will Put Officers’ Lives at Risk

Richard Simmons ‘Perfectly Fine’ After Conducting Welfare Check, Police Say

Report: LAPD Ready to Go Into ‘Riot Mode’ if Trump Wins Election

What It Means (Legally) that Brad Pitt is Being ‘Investigated’ For Child Abuse

‘F**k the Police’: Chris Brown Instagram Rants While Police Surround His Home

LAPD Cops Who Shot Black Man Sue Department over Racial Discrimination

Police: UCLA Shooter Left Note in Home That Led Cops to Body in Minnesota

Police Union Files Lawsuit Alleging Chief Exerts ‘Corrupting Influence’ Over Discipline Process

Elton John Sued by LAPD Officer for Sexual Harassment

This Isn’t The First Time ‘The Knife’ in The OJ Simpson Case Has Turned Up

LAPD: Story About Bloody Knife Found at OJ Simpson Property Could Be Bogus

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