Supreme Court Lawyer Scorches Devin Nunes’s Opening Statement: ‘He’s Like a Bad High School Football Coach’

This Is the Lawyer Doing the Questioning for House Republicans in Public Impeachment Hearings

This Is the Former Federal Prosecutor Doing the Questioning for House Dems in Public Impeachment Hearings

President Trump Confirms He Plans on Calling Any Transcript He Doesn’t Like ‘Fake’

After Ignoring Subpoena to Testify, Trump’s Chief of Staff Joins Lawsuit Seeking Court Intervention

House Republicans Plan to Call Hunter Biden and the Whistleblower as Impeachment Witnesses

Transcript: Trump Wanted Ukrainian President to Mention Hillary Clinton in Public Announcement

‘There’s No Way to Deep-State or Never-Trump This’: Trump Appointee Admits Quid Pro Quo

Laurence Tribe: Comparing Nixon to Trump Is ‘Like Comparing Apples to an Apple Orchard’

Federal Judge Rejects DOJ’s Argument Over Don McGahn Subpoena in Court

DOJ Insists It’s Not ‘Stonewalling’ Congress in Filing Expressing Intent to Stonewall Congress

Congresswoman ‘Left For Dead’ at Jonestown Calls Out Devin Nunes for Comparing Impeachment Inquiry to ‘Cult’

Former Federal Prosecutor: ‘More Straightforward’ Criminal Case Against Trump Has Emerged

Legal Experts Dumbfounded by Kevin McCarthy’s Impeachment Defense: ‘Like Legal Doctrine Mad Libs’

Law Professor Debunks ‘Ludicrous’ Idea That Impeachment Would ‘Overturn’ 2016 Election

Republican Senators Upset That Impeachment Is Making Them Consider Their Conscience

Constitutional Law Professors Annihilate Fox News’ Dan Bongino For ‘Asinine’ Impeachment Argument

Federal Judge Calls Trump Admin’s Legal Arguments a ‘Farce’ in Order Filled with Jabs at DOJ Attorneys

Democrats Subpoena Trump Admin Official Who Called Impeachment Inquiry ‘#ShamProcess’

Constitutional Law Professor: In a Single Tweet, Rudy Giuliani Admitted to the ‘Highest of High Crimes’

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