Military Postpones Refueling Deal with Scottish Airport Amid Investigation of ‘Serious Conflicts of Interest’

Dem Rep ‘Would Bet’ That ‘Articles of Impeachment’ Will Be Drafted Before Mid-October

Nadler: House May Impeach Trump Before New Year

House Dem Introduces Impeachment Resolution Against Trump: ‘If We Don’t Check Him, He Will Continue’

Pelosi’s Latest Statement on Impeachment Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s Eerily Similar to Trump Argument

After Calling for Trump’s Impeachment, the Polls Are Not Looking Good for Justin Amash

Harvard Law Scholars Tribe and Dershowitz Take Impeachment Duel to Twitter

Judge Napolitano Accuses Robert Mueller of ‘Dropping the Ball’

Alan Dershowitz Responds to Legal Experts Who Criticized His Impeachment Argument (UPDATE)

Conservative Lawyers: ‘Framers of the Constitution’ Would Say There’s Evidence of Impeachable Offenses

Avenatti, Facing 107 Years in Prison Himself, Calls for Trump Impeachment Proceedings

Impeachment Expert: Not Enough Evidence in Mueller Report to Impeach Trump

Impeaching Trump Over Obstruction Now Would Be the Worst Thing Democrats Could Possibly Do

Dem Leaders Already Hinting at Possible Trump Impeachment After Summary of Mueller Report

Nancy Pelosi Says Trump ‘Isn’t Worth’ Impeaching, and She’s Dead Wrong

Impeachment Expert: 5 Reasons People Need to Stop Saying Trump Should Be Removed Over Emergency Order

If Past Articles of Impeachment Are Any Indication, Things Do Not Look Good for Trump

Dems’ First Day Controlling House Will Bring Articles of Impeachment Against Trump, Rep Vows

Trump Impeachment Now ‘Inescapable’ According to Watergate Journalist

Dems Don’t Need Mueller Indictment to Impeach Trump, Pelosi Says

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