Law Profs Drag Sen. McConnell for ‘Nonsense’ Claim That Impeachment Kept Trump from Focusing on COVID-19

Alan Dershowitz Is ‘Thinking of Suing CNN’ for Allegedly ‘Doctoring’ Video of His Impeachment Arguments

Legal Scholars: Argument That Trump Can’t Pardon Roger Stone Is Wrong

Obama National Security Advisor Suggests Bolton ‘Shamefully’ Violated Oath to Defend Constitution

No. 3 Ranking Pentagon Official Who Undercut Trump’s Ukraine Corruption Concerns Resigns

Trump to Pull Nomination of Pentagon Official Who Raised Concerns About Ukraine Aid Hold: Report

Trump Admin Claims 20 Still Undisclosed Ukraine Emails Are Exempt from FOIA Requests

‘Retaliation’: Impeachment Witness Lt. Col. Vindman Out Two Days After Trump Acquittal

Trump Surrogates Reportedly Urged to Ramp Up Attacks on Romney After Vote to Convict

Trump Says ‘Bullsh*t’ Campaign to Topple His Presidency Started with ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’

Here’s How Chief Justice Roberts Chose to Conclude Trump’s Impeachment Trial

OMB Withholding 24 Emails Directly Related to ‘Presidential Decision-Making’ on Ukraine Military Aid

Former Bush WH Lawyer Accuses McConnell of ‘Urinating’ on the Constitution

Schiff Invokes Clinton Impeachment Rules in Last-Ditch Effort to Prevent Witnessless Trial

‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: DOJ Says Trump Can Be Impeached for Defying Congressional Subpoenas

Alan Dershowitz’s Performance in Trump’s Defense Elicits Strong Reactions: ‘Patently Ridiculous’

Trump ‘Either Lying or Confessing’ to Endangering National Security in Bolton Tirade: Law Profs

Trump’s Legal Team ‘Blew Up’ DOJ Argument Against Releasing Mueller Grand Jury Materials

Giuliani Claims Dems Won’t Let Him Testify Because They Fear His ‘Physical Presence’

Ken Starr’s Former Law Professor Schools Him on His Impeachment Arguments

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