Man Convicted of Road Rage Stabbing Appears in Court Wearing Blackface

Hawaii Employee Who Sent False Missile Alert Isn’t Cooperating with Probe, FCC Says

Psych Patient Escapes Hospital to Show He Could Be Outside

Judge Sentences Man to Write 144 Nice Things About Ex-Girlfriend

Day Before It’s Set to Go into Effect, Judge Screws With Trump Over His Travel Ban Again

SCOTUS Gives Hawaii Until Tomorrow To Respond To Trump Admin

US Lawyers Urge Court to Deny Hawaii’s Travel Ban Request

US Judge in Hawaii Leaves Trump’s Travel Ban Rules in Place

Hawaii Passes Laws to Uphold Paris Climate Accord Pledges, ‘Regardless of Federal Action’

‘I Won’t Teach Them’: High School Teacher Stirs Controversy With Email Against Undocumented Immigrants

Records Show 2015 Obama Family Vacation to Hawaii Cost Taxpayers Over $4.8 Million

Police Officer Arrested 5 Times in One Year, Still on the Force

Two Obama Family Vacations Cost Taxpayers Millions: Lawsuit

Man Sues Red Cross After Contracting HIV From Blood Transfusion

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