gun control

What to Know as SCOTUS Hears Gun Rights Case for First Time in 10 Years

AG William Barr Publishes Report on Effectiveness of Gun Background Check System

Fox News Guest Blames Mass Shootings on Teaching Evolution: ‘We’ve Taught Our Kids They Come About by Chance’

Hotel Cook Who Allegedly Had ‘Clear Plans, Intent, and the Means’ to Commit Mass Shooting Has Been Identified

Shooting at Kansas City Hotel Leaves Four Teens Wounded — Here’s What We Know

‘Americans Are Murdered Each Day’: Democrats Lambaste Supreme Court, NRA, Federalist Society in New Amicus Brief

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooter Has Been Identified – Here’s What We Know

SCOTUS Just Made It Harder To Prosecute Immigrants For Gun Crimes

Nation’s Sole Gun-Control Ballot Measure Set for Vote

Stricter Background Checks Could Prevent Mass Shootings: Study

Twitter Calls Out GOP Senator for Tackling Pet Welfare but Not Gun Control

Please Stop Debating Gun Control and Read This First

On Gun Control, Obama is the Hypocrite No One Has Been Talking About

Why Trump’s Lip Service About “Bump Stocks” Might Not Amount to Jack Squat

Cities Sue Defense Dept. over Gun-Check System Failures

Supreme Court Rejects 2 Gun Rights Appeals

Poll Finds Las Vegas Shooting Doesn’t Alter Opinions On Guns

‘Murder Insurance’ or Protection in Self-Defense Cases?

Gas Station Clerk Suspended After Shooting Armed Robbery Suspect In Self Defense

SCOTUS Declines to Hear Gun Case, Leaves in Place Concealed-Carry Restriction

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