North Carolina Appeals Court Blocks Voter ID Law Ahead of 2020 Election

North Carolina Court Strikes Down State Voting Map as Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered

SCOTUS Vacates Ruling That Found Michigan Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

Files Appear to Show Gerrymandering Specialist Unconstitutionally Used Race Data to Draw Voting Maps

Justice Elena Kagan: I Will Never Accept Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Decision

Gerrymandering Trial Could Have Major Impact on 2020 Election in State ‘Closely Divided Politically’

Supreme Court Rules That Partisan Gerrymandering Issue Is ‘Beyond the Reach of Federal Courts’

Justices Gorsuch and Thomas Side with Liberals in Virginia Gerrymandering Case

Supreme Court Blocks Gerrymandering Decisions in Two States as 2020 Nears

Federal Court Strikes Down GOP Gerrymander Affecting African Americans in Mississippi

‘Dem Garbage’: Michigan GOP Emails Suggest Racially Biased Plot to Gerrymander Districts

SCOTUS Punts on Gerrymandering Issues by Knocking Down Long-Awaited Cases in Narrow Rulings

GOP Lawyer Accuses Democrats of ‘Rigging an Election’ in SCOTUS Gerrymander Case

GOP Figures Back Impeachment for Judges Who Redrew PA Congressional Map

SCOTUS Knocks Down GOP Attempt to Block Pennsylvania Redistricting

‘Sociological Gobbledygook’: Justice Roberts Apparently Not Buying Dems’ Claim in Gerrymandering Case

Supreme Court Will Decide if Gerrymandering Can Get Too Political

Supreme Court Blocks Lower Court Rulings on Texas Districts

Justices Affirm Ruling Striking NC Legislative Districts

Even Clarence Thomas Smacked Down North Carolina Racial Gerrymandering

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