Watch Apparently Homophobic D.C. Officers Make Fun Of Burglary Victim

Woman Admits in Court That She and About 30 Others Beat Gay Church Member

Betsy DeVos Sinks to New Low in Telling Congress It’s Fine for Schools to Discriminate

Homosexuality Haters Ask Supreme Court To Endorse Gay Conversion Therapy

Cop Files Lawsuit Claiming Command Wanted Him to ‘Tone Down’ His ‘Gayness’

Could Daily Beast be in Legal Trouble for Outing Gay Olympians?

Shooting at Orlando Nightclub Sparks Outrage Over Gay Blood Donation Rules

Whole Foods Says Gay Slur on Cake is Hoax, Releases Video to Prove it

Gay Pastor Sues Whole Foods For Allegedly Writing Homophobic Slur on His Cake

ACLU Anounces Lawsuit in Fight Against ‘Anti-LGBT Bathroom Law’

Gay Assemblyman Compares MMA Fighting to ‘Gay Porn’

Supreme Court Says Georgia Must Recognize Lesbian Mother’s Adoption

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